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Edward Mayne's Memorial Memoreel

The Schostak's Family Legacy Memoreel 

Libby & Leo's Memoreel

"My Memoreels," a professionally produced keepsake video for the purpose of preserving  your family's story utilizing digital video.  We've designed the process of capturing your family's story, much like meeting up with a friend for coffee.  It's relaxing, conversational, fun, and conducted in the comfort of your own home.  Most people that choose to have their story told through a Memoreel film, opt to include their favorite family photographs, home movies, as well as appropriate music beds throughout their film.  Your Memoreel film is customized to the topics that you want to share.  We suggest discussing the family history, how you want to be remembered, vacation adventures, your children, your family values, your faith, favorite family recipes, funny stories, words of wisdom, and or, life lessons learned.


Heather & Dan's Living Legacy Memoreel

The digital video content within a Memoreel is fun for the entire family to enjoy.  Most family members that preview their family's Memoreel love reliving stories of the past, and learning learned new stories, as well as a greater appreciation of the sacrifices and love that their parents provided over the years.   The value is often found years later after a loved one has passed away.  That's when we find that we would give anything just to hear their voice, their stories, as well as their laughter just once more.  My Memoreels makes that all possible.  

In addition to the preservation of your family history, our team provides your loved one,

(the interviewee) with the opportunity to record specific personal messages to select family members. Past interviewees record a message for their spouse, a child, or grandchildren. These private messages are always the family's most cherish section of the My Memoreel video.  

Words of Wisdom for Our Son Parker

A Parent's Hopes & Prayers for Their Boys


Over the years, Film maker Tony Gorkiewicz has produced thousands of montages and Memoreel videos for his customers.  He promised himself that one day he was going to make his own parents a Memoreel.  Despite his good intentions, Tony never got the chance to capture his own parent's story.  Prior to his parents reaching the age of 70, they both fell ill and passed away. 

 Film maker's own                                         inspires the making
of short family documentaries 



The reality of losing two parents back to back, weighed heavy on Tony.  He was an only child. There were no siblings for him to lean on.  In his times of grief, he began searching for things that would bring comfort.  Although he had letters and family photo albums to reflect upon, what he found the most comforting was a half dozen voice mails that he had saved on his phone.   Tony's grief and loss has become the inspiration and passion for creating Memoreels, and helping others avoid ever having to live with the same type of regret as I do. 


 "I regret that I didn't capture my parent's story as I had for so many of my clients over the years.

 I miss them.  I miss their words of encouragement, their advice, and laughter.    

- Tony Gorkiewicz

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Celebration of Life,Tributes & Photomontages

Memorial Memoreel Photo Montage 

A Memoreel Memorial Tribute to a Veteran 

50th Birthday Memoreel Tribute

75th Birthday Memoreel Tribute

My Memoreels Compilation 

Memorial Memoreel Photomontage


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The only thing you won't have is regret!  

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