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A MUST Have Family Film!!! 
The Best Film
You Will Watch Again & Again!
A Film that Helps with Healing,
Grief & Loss

"My Memoreels," a professionally produced autobiography film which is produced for individuals whom wish to preserve their legacy utilizing digital video.  The video content within a Memoreel is fun for the entire family to enjoy.  We record your loved one on video as they recount the family's history, their cherished memories, and favorite stories.  A Memoreel Film is a wonderful way to relive, learn, and share your family's legacy with current, and future generations.  

The Schostak's Family Legacy Memoreel 

Libby & Leo's Memoreel

Edward Mayne's Memorial Memoreel

Heather & Dan's Living Legacy Memoreel

In addition to the preservation of your family history, our team provides your loved one,

(the interviewee) with the opportunity to record specific personal messages to select family members. Past interviewees record a message for their spouse, a child, or grandchildren. These private messages are always the family's most cherished section of the My Memoreel video.  

Words of Wisdom for Our Son Parker

A Parent's Hopes & Prayers for Their Boys

Celebration of Life,Tributes & Photomontages

75th Birthday Memoreel Tribute

50th Birthday Memoreel Tribute

A Memoreel Memorial Tribute to a Veteran 

Memorial Memoreel Photomontage

Take the next step and schedule your FREE consultation with one of our Memoreel Advisors today. 

Don't wait for, "One Day", to capture your family's story or Will & Testament.  The,"One Day," you've  been putting off has finally arrived!  It's time for you to have YOUR OWN professionally produced family Memoreel.  Share your legacy with your family for generations to come.


The only thing you won't have is regret!  


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