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"My Memoreels," a professionally produced keepsake video for the purpose of preserving  your family's story utilizing digital video.  Our award winning producer's approach is casual and non obtrusive.  We've designed the process of capturing your story much like meeting up with a friend for coffee.  It's relaxing, conversational, fun, and conducted in the comfort of your own home.  Our team of editors combine the interview footage, along with any relative photos and or home movies.  Your Memoreel film is customized to the topics that you want to share.  We suggest discussing the family history, how you want to be remembered, vacation adventures, your children, your family values, your faith, favorite family recipes, funny stories, words of wisdom, and or, lessons in life learned.


The digital video content within a Memoreel is fun for the entire family to enjoy.  Most come away after watching their family Memoreel with learning something new about the family.  The value most often is found years later after a loved one has passed away.  Often after a family member passes away, we wish we could hear their voice, their stories, as well as their laughter.  My Memoreels makes that all possible.  

In addition to the preservation of your family history, our team provides your loved one, (the interviewee) with the opportunity to record specific personal messages to select family members. Past interviewees record a message for their spouse, a child, or grandchildren.  These private messages are always the family's most cherish section of the My Memoreel video.  



Over the years, Film maker Tony Gorkiewicz has produced hundreds of Memoreel videos for his customers, as well as more photo montages than he can count.  He promised himself that one day he was going to make his parents a Memoreel.  Despite his good intentions, the demands of running his own business caused Tony to put his own parent's Memoreel on the back burner.  A few years later, Tony's parents got ill, and they both passed away.  "Being the only child, I had no siblings to lean on." Tony said.  "I found myself dealing with back to back grief and loss.  I missed them and began searching for things that would bring me comfort.  I came across a couple of my parent's voice mails that they left for me on my phone.  Other than that, it's all I have to this day.  I regret it.  It's hard.  Holidays and birthdays are the hardest."  

 Film maker's own                                         inspires the 


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Don't wait for, "One Day", to capture your family's story or Will & Testament.  The,"One Day," you've  been putting off has finally arrived!  It's time for you to have YOUR OWN professionally produced family Memoreel.  Share your legacy with your family for generations to come.


The only thing you won't have is regret!