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Over the years, film maker Tony Gorkiewicz has produced thousands of montages and Memoreel videos for his customers.  He promised himself that one day he was going to make his own parents a Memoreel.  Despite his good intentions, Tony never got the chance to capture his own parent's story.  Prior to his parents reaching the age of 70, they both fell ill and passed away.  The reality of losing two parents back to back, weighed heavy on Tony.  As an only child with little to no family support, he suddenly found himself feeling like an orphan. 

Film maker's own                                         becomes the inspiration to help others preserve their family's legacy through autobiographies. 


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In Tony's times of grief, he began searching for things that would bring comfort.  He was grateful that he held on to the letters that his parents had written to him when he was in college, and that he at least had memorial photo montages that he put together for their funeral services.  However, what Tony wanted more than anything, was to hear their voices, laughter, and words of wisdom once again.  Through his own grief and loss, Tony found inspiration to create, "," making it his mission and purpose to help family's preserve their family's legacy through digital video. 

 "I regret that I didn't capture my parent's story as I had for so many of my clients over the years.

 I miss them.  I miss hearing their voice, laughter, and words of wisdom."

- Tony Gorkiewicz

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